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Making the World Of Work a Happier and Healthier Place


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Making the world of work a happier and healthier place

I utilize my 20 years of Human Resources experience to make the world of work a happier and healthier place.  As a recovering  HR Professional and burnout survivor, I understand the importance of having a culture of psychological safety and employee wellness.  I have a unique background and perspective with an HR background, HR certifications and a health coach certification.  I work with organizations in a variety of ways to achieve optimal employee performance including coaching, consulting and wellness. 

What we do


We coach HR professionals from HR Departments of one to CPO/CHRO executives to think differently about HR, employees, and employee wellbeing. We also provide Life / Health coaching for executives and leaders


We work with organizations and leaders to create a culture of wellness, wellbeing and psychological safety.  Through our unique training and toolbox, we can help give the right tools to your leaders and organization to reduce stress and burnout and improve mental health.


We work with organizations to understand their unique needs with employee welness and implement programs that work and produce results as well as employee retention and reduced turnover.


From grass roots HR to strategic people planning, we have you covered.  Our approach focuses holistically on your organization to create happy and healthy workplaces.

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