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HR Consulting and Fractional CHRO Focused On Making the World Of Work a Happier and Healthier Place

How We Started


Making the world of work a happier and healthier place

I've worked in organizations that prioritized results over employee well-being, driving employees to burnout. Organizations that promoted bullies and normalized a dog-eat-dog culture. Organizations that cut costs only to increase costs in turnover and recruitment. I've worked for some great organizations as well, where failing fast was the norm and the smallest wins were celebrated.  I have learned a lot from both! 
The Wellness Value was created to elevate the businesses that understand the value of their people and believe in a people-first culture. Our mission is to make the world of work a happier and healthier place. We focus on looking at the well-being of the organization holistically, from its values and culture to its policies, programs, benefits, and ways of working.
We work with organizations in a consultative partnership or Fractional CHRO relationship to help the organization and their people achieve their goals.

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Some of Our Clients

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We Took The Pledge!

I have witnessed great disparities in education, perpetuating discrimination in race, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economics. This disparity, until fixed, will continue to create discrimination in the workplace as well. That's why I'm excited to share that The Wellness Value has taken the 1% Pledge and is committed to giving at least 1% of our profits to education and access to education.

We pledge to support our community and invest in education to start this shift in giving equal access to education for all children. Let's work together to create a more equitable future for our children and our workplaces! It's one step closer to making the world of work a happier and healthier place!

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