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Grassroots Effort To Eliminate Workplace Bullying

During my introductory call with Brad Kewalramani, Founder and Managing Director at Culture Mindful, he immediately shared with me his own experience of being bullied by a supervisor. One particular incident saw the supervisor threatening Brad to forcefully remove him from a meeting if he did not put his phone on silent. Unfortunately, the organization had normalized this behavior, leading to a culture that perpetuated workplace bullying.

Sadly, Brad's story is not unique. Like him, I too have experienced workplace bullying where my boss would publicly shame, belittle, and humiliate me in front of colleagues during presentations. It is this type of behavior that prompted me to create The Wellness Value, and it is why professionals like Brad are committed to transforming companies through intentional cultures that prohibit bullying.

Regrettably, according to a 2021 study by, 30% of American adults are victims of workplace bullying, equating to a staggering 76.3 million workers. What's more alarming is that even remote workers are not immune, with 43% reporting incidents of bullying. The impact of bullying is long-term and affects an employee's engagement, commitment to the company, confidence, and performance.

However, the tide is turning, and a growing number of victims have begun a grassroots effort to end workplace bullying through legislation. Their efforts are aimed at urging government officials to introduce and pass a Healthy Workplace Bill, which would make bullying illegal. The bill would also require organizations to take reasonable measures to prevent and correct instances of reported bullying, much like Sexual Harassment legislation.

This bill is essential for the wellbeing of employees and should not be taken lightly. Currently, 32 states have introduced this bill to their legislature, with Massachusetts, New York, and West Virginia set to make it active in their legislative sessions this year, according to Additionally, California and Utah have enacted training requirements, and Puerto Rico recently passed an anti-bullying law for workplaces. The bill's implementation is inevitable, and companies should be prepared for its requirements.

At The Wellness Value, we offer a Resiliency Training Program to create a culture of psychological safety and resilience throughout organizations. This program focuses on safety, respect, and resilience and is offered to both employees and leaders.  Our goal is to make the world of work a happier and healthier place and this is one step closer!  If you are looking to normalize well-being, safety, psychological safety, and resiliency within your company culture, please schedule a call with us.

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