My Story

How I Began and Where I’m Headed

I started working for a company in the Integrative Nutrition space in 2015 and was immediately hooked.  I was personally impacted by what a holistic approach to health and wellness can do for you and I became very passionate about this space. I joined the Certified Coaching Program through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2020 and am a firm believer in their approach of bioindividuality (which means treating everyone as an individual) and focusing not just the food on the plate, but the whole person. I am now following my passion and helping others create a more "well" and balanced life through health coaching. I'm also connecting my Human Resources experience and bringing this approach into businesses to help them create a wellness program for their employees.

About My Approach

How I Can Help

I work closely with you to make small adjustments along the way. These adjustments become habits and turn into a lifestyle change.  We also look at your Primary Foods and work on areas there that you want to see improved results in. Primary Foods are the foods that are not on your plate but impact your overall health and wellness.  These areas include work, relationships, spirituality and more. You can see remarkable improvements when your Primary Foods are in balance and are feeding you from the inside out!
Every journey is unique and based upon what will work for YOU and not what works for everyone else. That makes it a tailored experience and more likely to succeed.

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