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Restore You!!

We are very excited to offer the Restore family of products to our clients at a discounted price.  We offer Restore Resilience to help you through "life", Restore Health which helps you define and work towards your health goals and Restore Balance, which focuses on women's health with a focus on peri-menopause and menopause.  Here's some information on each.

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Restore Balance

Do you feel like you are in this complicated journey by yourself?


The reality is, you are not alone. With thousands of women diagnosed daily, menopause is not an uncommon occurrence. More than likely, you walk past a woman facing symptoms every single day without even noticing. And it isn’t restricted to older women; some women experience early onset due to health conditions, illnesses, or other causes. The symptoms of menopause are tough to manage alone, and that’s where we come in. At RestoreBalance, you’ll receive a live coach, community, resources, education, tracking, and so much more so you can finally get your life back.

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Restore Health

Restore Health is a program that delivers individualized coaching, personalized content and the tools to help you achieve your health goals.   

RestoreHealth offers a personalized program with dedicated coaches and technology customized for each member. With better guidance and tools, members can take impactful daily steps to achieve their health goals.  With Restore Health, we have coaches and smart technology applications designed to make steps to improve sleep, stress, nutrition, and exercise for good.

Members get a fit bit, a smart scale and a tape measure to start you off and track your progress. 

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Restore Resilience

Do you struggle with stress and burnout? Do you find it hard to get a good night's sleep because you're thinking about all the "stuff" you have to do?  Are you struggling and feel like you're doing it alone?  Our Restore Resilience program can help you manage the things life throws at you. With a health coach, personalized content, and a community, you'll get the support you need and you won't need to go it alone. 

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