Pitfalls for New Year Resolutions

Updated: Jan 11

It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is already here. While many are thinking about getting through the holidays, many are also thinking about the New Year and planning out their goals and resolutions for the New Year. If you’re like me and my family, we pick our New Year Resolution on January 1st and by January 3rd, that’s old news. Guess what? You’re not alone. Most New Year Resolutions fail and they fail for so many reasons. Not to mention, making change is HARD!

New Year Resolutions are typically made lightheartedly and don’t take into account everything we need to do to make that change. For example, a typical resolution is, “I want to lose weight in 2022.” But, we don’t think about what we need to do to achieve that. Three days into this resolution, you see a leftover pie in the break room or go to a holiday party and have some drinks there. Then, you give up because, in your mind, you’ve ruined it. But losing weight happens over time and isn’t a one day thing (though we wish it was). You need to make small, habitual changes over time to see results. It took time for the weight to appear, it’s going to take time for it to fall off. Having that pie or that drink is ok, if you’re not doing it every day and you’re making other mindful decisions on your nutrition.

Another pitfall is that we make the promise to ourselves and don’t lean on others for support or accountability. We will break promises to ourselves 90% of the time, but won’t break promises to others. Think about all the times you didn’t go to the gym because you didn’t feel like it, but will go to work sick as a dog. It’s because someone else or something else is motivating you to go. With your resolutions, it’s important to share your goals with others and get an accountability partner. This could be someone in your family, someone with the same goals as you or a health coach.

Some other pitfalls for New Year’s resolutions include self sabotage, creating lofty goals but no roadmap on how to achieve them, and losing motivation. We’ve put together a worksheet to help you think differently about your New Year Resolutions and to make them more achievable. You can access this document here: https://www.thewellnessvalue.com/items

At The Wellness Value, we help organizations implement wellness strategies that provide results. We work closely with employers and the employees to meet their individual goals. We are on a mission to make the world of work a happy and healthy place. I’d love to connect with you to talk about how we can help you achieve your goals through employee wellness. Learn more at www.thewellnessvalue.com

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