Cross Insurance Partners with The Wellness Value to Offer Innovative Wellness Programs

Cross insurance based out of Manchester, NH is pleased to announce a partnership with The Wellness Value. This partnership will offer clients and their employees access to customized wellness programs and an innovative approach to health, wellness and mental wellbeing. In addition, the partnership will offer employers a return to work program to help employees return to the workplace after over a year of being remote. This will create a smooth transition back to the workplace and help employees find balance in their work environment.

The partnership will also be offering an app for female employees to help prioritize self care and health for women at all stages of life. “Women’s health is often overlooked and symptoms can be ignored. This program puts women in control of their health, helps them advocate for themselves and reach their health and wellness goals.” says Michelle Strasburger, CEO of The Wellness Value.

"HR Professionals are hungry for wellness programs that will help their employees and will help reduce the burdensome cost of health insurance," says Anthony Cabana from Cross Insurance. "CEOs and CFOs are continually looking at reducing the costs of health insurance and previous wellness approaches just haven't moved the needle," says Cabana. "The Wellness Value is offering a unique approach to Cross clients that will help employees have a customized experience with an accountability partner, so they can focus on the areas that they struggle with and make lifestyle changes for long term success."

Michelle Strasburger, CEO of The Wellness Value has over 20 years experience in Human Resources and is a Health Coach trained by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. "I've been in the HR Executive's shoes dreading benefits renewal and struggling to find ways to reduce healthcare costs," says Strasburger, "Creating a Wellness Program that meets everyone's needs and gets everyone motivated is impossible. However, with the Restore Resilience and Restore Health products we will be offering to Cross clients, this goal of a customized approach that moves the needle is absolutely feasible. It's an exciting opportunity for HR to show real business value and help employees at the same time."

Cross Insurance is a family owned insurance agency with over 40 branches throughout New England. Established at the kitchen table of Woodrow Cross in 1954, today we have become one of New England’s largest independent insurance intermediaries. In 2020, we were named the 5th Largest Insurance Broker in Massachusetts. Since our founding, we have successfully acquired over 150 operations, increasing our footprint on the Northeast. With over 1,000 employees and counting, our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready and capable to provide insurance solutions to fit your unique situation.

The Wellness Value is located in Colebrook, NH and offers customized health coaching for clients looking to make healthy lifestyle changes. Backed by years of HR experience as well as formal training through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, The Wellness Value, offers customized wellness programs for businesses looking to invest in their employees' health and wellbeing and take a proactive approach to healthcare costs.

Cross Insurance

Anthony Cabana

The Wellness Value

Michelle Strasburger


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