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HR Resilience Break

Leave Burnout Behind

98 % Percent of HR Professionals Are Burned Out

A 9 Week HR Virtual HR Group Program to understand key HR stressors and how to manage them. 

This is exclusively for HR professionals, so you'll have a network of peers to listen, share best practices and a community of support. 

In this 90 Minute Weekly Program, You'll Learn How to Avoid Burnout Utilizing Your Skills and Gifts

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Support Yourself Before Helping Others

Learn Tactics To Support Yourself, Prevent Burnout And Help Others Along The Way. 

We Can't support Others If Our Well Is Dry 

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Psychological Safety

Understand What it Means To Have A Culture of Psychological Safety And How To Build One. 


As leaders, HR Professionals Hold The Key To Unlocking A Culture Of Psychological Safety Where Employees Can Be Seen, Heard and Thrive.  

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Class Size Limited to 15 Attendees

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