Corporate Wellness Programs

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Our approach is unique.  In addition to fully customized programs, we offer three different programs to wellness utilizing coaching and proactive learning to motivate and drive employees towards wellness goals.  We approach wellness from multiple angles and not just one dimension. These programs are Restore Resilience, focusing on stress reduction, burnout and mental health healing; Restore Health, which focuses on setting small goals and making small adjustments over time to create healthy habits and build wellness into your lifestyle; and Restore Balance, a platform for women to focus on women’s health issues, especially women moving towards or going through menopause. 


We also work with your Human Resources and Leadership teams to understand your culture and create a robust wellness program that works within your culture and organization.  We don’t believe that there’s a “one size fits all approach” and will work with your team to uncover what works within your organization and we will help you execute that.

EAPs are not equipped to handle the complexities that employees are managing in today’s world.  And, let's face it, our employees don't trust the confidentiality of the EAP. Our programs are proactive and help employees find solutions to put them on their individualized path to wellness through education, coaching, accountability and mindfulness.


Finally, our programs will produce results that can be presented to your leadership team as well as your healthcare providers to help with rate negotiations.  We help employers utilize this information to negotiate renewals that are less costly to your organization.

Click on the links below to learn about these specific programs or schedule time with me to discuss how we can build a program that is customized for you and can help you solve your unique challenges.

Restore Balance

Restore Health

Restore Resilience

Group Wellness Presentations

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