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Corporate Wellness Programs

Approaching Corporate Wellness Differently

Our approach to corporate wellness is unique. Just as individual wellness is not a one size fits all approach, corporate wellness must be individualized to fit your needs and culture.   We start with meeting with your HR leaders and other leaders that are leading the charge on corporate wellness.  This helps us assess your needs and what works and won’t work in your culture. From there, we’d start with some recommendations and continually improve and reassess.

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Benchmark 1: Committed and Aligned Leadership


Benchmark 2: Collaboration in Support of Wellness


Benchmark 3: Collecting Meaning Data to Evolve a Wellness Strategy


Benchmark 4: Crafting an Operational Plan

Current State Assessment

Most wellness programs attract about a 20% participation rate and you’re missing out on the employees that need it the most.  Our programs target exactly what the employees are looking for by starting with a wellness benchmark.  Utilizing the 7 Benchmarks tool from WELCOA, we will work with leaders to complete the survey and present results. These results will help inform the go forward strategy.  This benchmark looks at the following areas for wellness and wellbeing:

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Benchmark 5: Choosing Initiatives that Support the Whole Employee


Benchmark 6: Collaboration in Support of Wellness


Benchmark 7: Collecting Meaning Data to Evolve a Wellness Strategy

Go Forward Strategy

Based upon the results of this survey, we will recommend a go forward strategy.  That strategy could include coaching for leaders and employees, training programs, challenges or any of our Restore programs.  We can approach your wellness program with any one of these things or a combination of these things. 

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Restore Wellness Applications

We offer three different programs to wellness utilizing coaching and proactive learning to motivate and drive employees towards wellness goals.  We approach wellness from multiple angles and not just one dimension. These programs can be the approach your looking for or an add on to multiple approaches to wellness. These programs are Restore Resilience, focusing on stress reduction, burnout and mental health healing; Restore Health, which focuses on setting small goals and making small adjustments over time to create healthy habits and build wellness into your lifestyle; and Restore Balance, a platform for women to focus on women’s health issues, especially women moving towards or going through menopause.

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Restore Resilience.png
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Why Choose the Wellness Value

With over 20 years of Human Resources experience, we understand the demands and challenges that HR Professionals face and the culture that employees are demanding.  We are also backed by strong nutritional coaching to marry both the HR component with the wellness component.  We are not interested in just selling you a product. We want to work with you to create a customized approach that works for you, takes pressure off your plate and provides results that you can hang your hat on.  Together, we can improve employee wellness, reduce turnover, create a stronger employee value proposition and reduce medical costs.  We’re on a mission to transform the world of work into a happy and healthy place!

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